Clover incarnate 1000+ PCS fresh seeds, Trifolium incarnatum

Oreshka seeds
Clover incarnate (lat. Trifolium incarnatum)

Incarnate clover, meat-red clover, or crimson clover is a species of herbaceous plants from the genus Clover of the Legume family (Fabaceae). The plant is also known as "Italian clover".
An annual plant 20-50 cm tall unbranched or branched only at the base. The leaves are ternate with a long petiole, hairy leaflets, 8-16 mm across, with a truncated or mochkovid tip.
Blooms during spring and summer, the flowers are rich red or dark red, collected in an elongated head 3-5 cm high and 1.5 cm wide; individual flowers are 10-13 mm long with five petals. The flag of each flower is not vertical, but bends forward.
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