Yastrebinka hairy 50+ PCS fresh seeds, Hieracium pilosella

Oreshka seeds
Yastrebinka hairy (lat. Hieracium pilosella)

A medicinal plant is a weed whose preparations have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, astringent and diuretic effects.
Folk names of yastrebinka: volosen, volosatnik, gorlyanka, yellow-horned grass, fever grass, marigold grass, nechuy wind, hog beet, milkweed, mouse ear, mouse ear, rock flower. The stems of the hawk are creeping, numerous. Oblong elliptical leaves grow at the roots, forming bizarre patterns on the soil. On single, erect, leafless shoots, baskets of flowers are formed. The flowers of the hawk are bright yellow, tongue-shaped, resemble dandelion flowers. The hawk moth blooms in summer — from July to August. The seeds ripen in autumn and scatter on tufts, like the seeds of a mother-and-stepmother and a dandelion. The hawk is a mediocre honeybee, although bees and bumblebees are happy to visit its flowers.
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