Onion Carmen 50 PCS fresh seeds, Allium Cepa Karmen

Oreshka seeds
Onion Carmen (Allium Cepa Karmen)
It is recommended for growing in an annual crop from seeds and a two-year crop from sowing on garden plots, in homesteads and farms. The variety is valued for the excellent ripeness of the bulbs.
In the representatives of the Carmen variety, the bulbs are round-flat, aligned, of medium density, weighing 50-70 g. The rudimentary nature is average.
The number of dry scales is 2-3, the color is purple. The juicy scales are white with a purple tinge.
The bulbs have a slightly pungent taste.
Onion Carmen refers to the varieties of early ripening (early maturing). The period from sowing to mass lodging and yellowing of the leaves is 64-96 days.
The crop is suitable for long-term storage.
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