Victoria Rhubarb 20 PCS fresh seeds, Rheum rhaponticum

Oreshka seeds
Victoria Rhubarb (Rheum rhaponticum)
An unpretentious and cold-resistant perennial plant. It will grow well in a remote corner of the garden and eventually grow into a large colony.
Early-maturing variety. The period from regrowth (in the third year after sowing the seeds) to the beginning of the economic shelf life of the petioles is 36 days. The rosette of the leaves is semi-vertical. The leaf is large, ovate, slightly bubbly, green, the edge is strongly wavy. The petiole is medium-sized, green with a solid cherry anthocyanin pigmentation at the base, the flesh is green.
It is used for multiple cutting. It is recommended for use in fresh and canned form.
Planting: carry out directly into the ground in the beds prepared since autumn. It likes a sunny or semi-dark location and moist permeable soils with a high content of humus. The seeds are pre-soaked in water until they swell, and then germinated under a damp gauze, moistening from time to time with water. As soon as white sprouts 1-2 mm long appear, the seeds are dried and sown in moist soil. Sow in late April - early May in an ordinary way with a distance between the rows of 25 cm. The depth of sowing is 2-3 cm. When 1-2 leaves are formed, they are thinned, at a distance of 20 cm.
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