Vika zabornaya 20 PCS fresh seeds, Vicia sepium

Oreshka seeds
Vika zabornaya (lat. Vicia sepium)

A perennial herbaceous plant with knobby, long, thin, mostly reddish soil shoots that drive the axis of the base.
The stem is mostly upright and more or less climbing, about 30 to 50 cm long, simple or slightly knotted at the base, angular, soft, fresh green, mostly glabrous, less often, as the leaves are short and gently hairy. The leaves are about 5 to 10 cm in length, all except the lowest, as a rule, have weakly branched tendrils and four to eight pairs of almost sessile leaflets.
The leaflets are more or less broadly elliptic, ovate or almost round, from 7 to 26 mm in length and from 6 to 12 mm in width, rounded at both ends or slightly edged in front and short pointed. Most often they are only pubescent on the edge and below, short and soft.
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