Common chicory 500 PCS / 10000 PCS fresh seeds, Cichorium intybus

Oreshka seeds
Common chicory (Cichorium intybus), roadside grass, blue flower, Petrov's batogs, Petrov's rods, Petrov's whip, roadside cornflower, sickle, shcherbak.

A perennial herbaceous plant, grayish-green in color, with a thickened (in the upper part 3-4 cm in diameter) multi-headed spindle-shaped root up to 1.5 m long. The stem is single, erect, branched, covered with sparse hairs.

The leaves are alternate, basal, collected in a rosette, pinnately incised, pubescent on the underside, narrowed towards the base into a petiole, stem leaves are alternate, sharply toothed, sessile, the upper leaves are lanceolate, whole.

The flowers are blue, less often pink or white, ligulate, collected in numerous single or several baskets sitting on short peduncles.

The fruit is a prismatic, irregularly wedge-shaped achene with a short tuft of membranous membranes.

It blooms from June to early September, the fruits ripen in August-September.
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