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Salvia pratensis (Latin: Salvia pratensis) — a perennial plant, a species of the genus Sage of the family Yasnotkovye – is a perennial, herbaceous plant, often found on the territory of the Saratov region. You can recognize it by its bright purple, spongy inflorescences and characteristic spicy aroma. Sage has an intense aroma and a pleasant bitter-spicy taste. In medicine, it is used less often than its more famous counterpart – medicinal Sage, which is not found in the wild in our region, but still has similar medicinal properties. Meadow sage has much less pronounced medicinal properties than medicinal, and this is their main difference, it is less saturated with phytoncides and essential oils. Translated from Latin as "healthy", it is popularly called "sacred grass" and "herb of immortality". The strongest and most active components of sage are usually found in its essential oil. Sage leaves contain 1-2.8 % essential oil. From 0.5 to 1.0% of the oil is obtained from the leaves and branches when they are fresh, and about three times as much when the sage is dry. Sage essential oil has a pungent smell and is yellow or greenish-yellow in color. In the well-known medicinal form of sage, a total of 28 components were found; the main elements are: 1,8-cineola, borneol, alpha and beta-thujone.

The plant is endowed with a huge number of useful properties. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, tonic, diuretic, antispasmodic, wound healing properties, analgesic, astringent, estrogenic, disinfecting, hemostatic, tonic, hemostatic, fungicidal, hypotonic effects. They treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, dental diseases, kidney diseases, liver diseases, viral infections, sore throat, cough, mumps, bronchitis, sciatica, hemorrhoids, gingivitis, neuritis, polyarthritis, diabetes, skin diseases; neuroses; neurasthenia; asthma; thrush; scabies; tuberculosis of the cervical lymph nodes; respiratory infections; stomatitis; angina; periodontal disease; rheumatism; scrofula. It is also used in cosmetology to treat problem skin, enhance growth and strengthen hair.
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