Meadow sage 20 fresh seeds , salvia pratensis, Blue Sage, Clary, Meadow Clary, Woodland sage, herb, perennial

Oreshka seeds
Meadow sage or Salvia (lat. Salvia pratensis)

Perennial, herbaceous plant, 30-70 cm high.

The basal leaves are oblong, 4.5–15 cm long, 2–7 cm wide; lower stems are smaller; the upper stem ones are small. The leaves at the base of the branches of the inflorescence are ovate-lanceolate, long pointed; The bracts are round, long-pointed, and small.

The inflorescence is simple or with one or two pairs of lower branches, with 5-10 false whorls of 4-6 flowers; The flowers are purple, less often pink and white. Sage has an intense aroma and a pleasant bitter-spicy taste.

The nuts are spherical-triangular, 2 mm in diameter, brown.

It is used in dry and dried form as a seasoning for soups, sauces, broths, cheeses, and pickled vegetables. Suitable for meat, vegetable and fish dishes, used for making salads and homemade pies.
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