Sour sorrel 50 PCS fresh seeds, Herb seeds

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Sour sorrel (Rumex acetosa).

A perennial dioecious herbaceous plant with a taproot, but a very short branched root.

The stem is erect, up to 1 m tall, ribbed, sometimes has a dark purple color at the base, ends with a paniculate inflorescence.

The leaves are acidic, basal — long-stemmed, with an arrow-shaped base, whole-edged, with a pronounced central vein. The leaf blade can reach a length of 15-20 cm . The stem leaves are alternate, almost sessile, ovate-oblong, swept at the base.

The plant is dioecious. The flowers are pink or reddish, collected in cylindrical polygamous panicles. The inner leaves of the perianth grow during the fetus. In male flowers, the perianth lobes are oblong-oval, falling off, directed upwards; in female, the outer lobes are bent downwards, the inner ones are erect, with a groove at the base. Blooms in June — July.
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