Strong Amaranth 100 PCS fresh seeds, Amaranthus

Oreshka seeds
Strong Amaranth (lat. Amaranthus)

Early-maturing annual (28-35 days. from vsx) a herbaceous plant. Height - 60-140 cm. The leaves are elliptical, green, tender, oily. Inflorescences are erect.
It is a source of vegetable easily digestible protein. Young, tender, juicy greens are used in salads and cooking, for making drinks. Flowering plants are dried and used in teas, as natural dyes, food additives.
Amaranth contains essential amino acids, trace elements, and antioxidants. Seedlings of amaranth seeds have antitumor properties. The plant also has excellent decorative qualities. The yield of greenery is up to 3 kg/sq. m.
Amaranth is demanding of heat and light, but it is not picky to the soil: it grows on any, including acidic, sandy,salty. It easily adapts to various growing conditions. Tolerates the autumn cold.
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