Smyrnium perfoliatum 50+ PCS fresh seeds, Maceron seeds, Perfoliate alexanders, Crest Maceron alexanders horse parsley, Organic seeds

Oreshka seeds
Maceron, Perfoliate alexanders, Crest Maceron alexanders horse parsley, Smyrnium (lat. Smyrnium perfoliatum)

A biennial herbaceous plant. The stem is 30-60 cm high and above, erect, branched in the middle or upper part, longitudinally grooved or winged, wings up to 2 mm wide in the upper part.
The basal leaves are long-lobed, triangular or triangular-ovate, trifoliate in outline, their segments are once or twice pinnate, the terminal is larger than the lateral ones, dark green above, light green below. Stem leaves are alternate, whole or three-lobed, broadly ovate to ovate-triangular, stumped or heart-shaped at the base, stem-embracing, with a serrated or serrated edge (rarely whole-edged), 5-8 × 3-6 cm (rarely up to 21 × 18 cm).
Compound umbrellas with 4-8 or more unequal rays 1.5-3 cm or longer. Umbels with 10-20 unequal rays 2-8 mm long, the flowers are bisexual, but many of them are underdeveloped and the rays bearing them die off by fruiting. Wrappers and wrappers are usually missing. The petals are yellow or greenish, about 1 mm long, obovate, identical. Stylodia 0.6-1.2 mm long with fruits.
Thistles 2-4 mm long and 3-4 mm wide, ovoid-spherical, wrinkled, dark gray, glabrous. Mericarpia with three elevated dorsal and two inconspicuous marginal ribs.
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