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Violet tricolor, or pansies (Latin Viola tricolor).

Violet tricolor is an annual or biennial terrestrial herbaceous plant. The tricolor violet has a thin, taproot, slightly branched, brownish root, almost vertically embedded in the ground.

The stem is usually branched, triangular, glabrous or pubescent with down-bent hairs, hollow inside, reaching a height of 10-30 (45) cm; often several erect or creeping stems depart from the root.

The leaves are alternate, petiolate, glabrous or scattered-hairy along the veins, large-bordered. The lower leaves are broadly ovate, with rather long petioles, the upper ones are oblong—lanceolate, sessile with short petioles; stipules two at each leaf, pinnate-lyre-shaped, longer than leaf petioles.

The type of inflorescence of the tricolor violet is a simple frondose brush. The flowers are zygomorphic, sitting on long, three- or four-sided, glabrous or slightly pubescent, curved peduncles at the top, emerging singly from the leaf axils; each peduncle bears 2 small bracts in its upper part, near the flower.

The fruit is cenocarp — rounded-triangular, oblong-ovate, naked, single-nesting greenish box up to 10 mm long, with an elongated seed arrangement, surrounded by a preserved calyx and opening with three flaps at the place of fusion of the carpels; the flaps are in the form of boats.
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