April spring onion 50 PCS fresh seeds, Allium fistulosum

Oreshka seeds
April spring onion (Allium fistulosum L.) is characterized by high yield and frost resistance.
Onion-batun April is an early variety and can be grown as an annual or perennial. Its feathers are large, bright green-very juicy, beautiful, tender. Around the middle of summer, he releases an arrow that looks very decorative. The average weight of one plant is up to 300 g.
The taste is sharp with a sweet taste. It is usually added to fresh salads, eaten fresh, and used to prepare first and second courses.
If you plant the April onion-batun in the open ground by the seedling method, it will give stable yields for up to 4 years! The yield is high, especially if it is grown as an annual. Rich vitamin composition. This variety is distinguished, first of all, by an increased content of vitamin C. The feather of the crop withstands frosts up to -10 degrees, and the seeds and bulbs are even lower! This is one of the few varieties that can survive even in a snowless winter and germinate easily in early spring. There is resistance to most bulbous diseases. The only drawback of the variety is that if you grow it for 3-4 years in one place, it will gradually lose its taste. There will be fewer and fewer feathers, and more arrows. Sometimes the appearance of the feathers also deteriorates significantly.
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