Field Pennycress (Thlaspi arvense) 100+ PCS / 1000 PCS Wildcrafted Herb Seeds

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Field yarutka (Latin: Thláspi arvénse) is an annual herbaceous plant, a species of the genus Yarutka (Thlaspi) of the Cabbage family (Brassicaceae).
Folk names of the plant: Moneymaker, kopeechnik, toad grass, vertebra, verednik, klopik, klopik, broom, splinter, hair.
It grows naturally throughout Europe, the middle East (with the exception of the Arabian Peninsula), and Central Asia. On the territory of Russia, it grows from Western Siberia to the Far East.
Found in dry meadows, fallow lands, waste lands, along roads, on salt marshes. Annual plant 10-50 cm tall.
Stems are simple or branched. Lower leaves oblong or oval, petiolate; stem leaves are arrow-shaped, sessile.
Blooms from spring to autumn.

Perennial: Perennial

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