Astragalus danicus 15+ PCS fresh seeds, Purple milk-vetch seeds, Astragalus flower, Fowering plant, Flower seeds

Oreshka seeds
Purple milk-vetch seeds, Astragalus (lat. Astragalus danicus)

A perennial plant, the color is gray-green, covered with black and white hairs. The stems are 10-40 cm high, usually branched, ascending or prostrate in the lower part. The leaves are sessile, non-pinnate, consist of 13-25 oblong-lanceolate or oblong-oval blunt leaflets. Peduncles are longer than leaves; flower brushes are head-shaped. The flowers are almost sessile; the calyx is fluffy due to blackish hairs, the corolla is purple. The fruit is an elliptical or ovoid bean, reddish-hairy, two-nosed. The seeds are round-kidney-shaped, reddish-brown. Blooms in June — July. The fruits ripen in July — August.
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