Asparagus Argentalskaya 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Asparagus officinalis Arjentelskaya

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Asparagus Argentalskaya (lat. Asparagus officinalis Arjentelskaya)

A perennial crop that bears fruit with proper planting for 20 years. Asparagus has both male and female flowers.
The maximum number of fruits is observed on male stems. But they have a disadvantage – it is a small thickness. The main advantage of the Argental asparagus is the rapid maturation of the variety.
The height of the bush is 1.5-2 m. It has a fleshy rhizome that perfectly tolerates even frosts. 40-50 buds appear on the rhizome for a whole year. Already in May, they will bear fruit. Their width is 1.5-2 cm. During the day, the shoots of Argentel asparagus germinate by 3 cm.
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