Kochia Flame 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Kochia scoparia

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Kochia Flame (Kochia scoparia)
Summer cypress or Kochia – is an ornamental deciduous crop that has become widespread in many countries.
A low bush with a dense, dense pyramidal crown. It is characterized by rapid growth. The shrub consists of many thin, flexible stems, branching along the entire length. At the base of the plant, the stem eventually becomes woody.
The leaves are narrow, hairy, outwardly resemble needles, but unlike it, they are soft, pleasant to the touch.
At the top of the bush in the axils of the leaves are formed inflorescences-panicles. The flowers are small, white, and have no decorative value. As a result of pollination, after flowering, fruits appear on the plant – small rounded nuts with a seed inside. The seeds of this crop retain germination for 2 years.
"Flame" is an annual variety with a column-shaped crown. It reaches 90-100 cm in height. In autumn, the green foliage changes color to burgundy.
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