Lactuca sativa Tarzan 100+ PCS fresh seeds, Green salad Tarzan, Lettuce seeds, Lactuca sativa, Vegetable seed, Organic seeds, Non GMO

Oreshka seeds
Lactuca sativa Tarzan, Green salad Tarzan, Lettuce seeds, Lactuca sativa, Vegetable seed

The variety belongs to the head of the head. It is valued for its resistance to stemming. The rosette of leaves in representatives of the variety Tarzan is semi-erect, large, 20-30 cm in diameter, 15-18 cm high. The head is 13-15 cm high, 14-16 cm in diameter, round-flat, green, white-green, dense, weighing 228-594 g. The leaf is sessile, medium-sized and large, 15-18 cm long, 13-15 cm wide, relatively thick, elliptical in shape. The edge is incised, slightly wavy. The color of the leaves is light green and green, without waxy coating. The surface is slightly bubbly. The consistency of the leaf tissue is crisp. The taste is good and excellent. Salad Tarzan refers to the varieties of late maturation (late maturing). The period from mass germination to technical maturity of the heads is 41-87 days. The yield is high and is 3.5-4.5 kg / m2.
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