Spinacia oleracea popeye 30 fresh seeds. Spinach popeye seeds

Oreshka seeds
Medium-ripened variety. The period from full shoots to technical ripeness is 40-50 days. The rosette of leaves is compact. The leaf is smooth, green, medium-bubbly, glossy, slightly wavy edge. Demanding to moisture, resistant to color. Recommended for fresh use and freezing.
Spinach is a cold – resistant crop, sown in the open ground at the earliest possible time, in late April-early may, to a depth of 1.5-2 cm. Cleaning is carried out selectively, repeatedly, before flowering. High summer temperatures force the plant to go to the arrow, so we recommend re-sowing only in early August. It is demanding to moisture and soil fertility.
For good growth, plants need timely watering, regular weeding, loosening and fertilizing with mineral fertilizers.
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