Watercress Ajur 50 PCS fresh seeds, Lepidium Sativum Ajur

Oreshka seeds
Watercress 'Ajur' (Lepidium Sativum 'Ajur')
Culture is valued for its adaptability and relative resistance to blooming.
Representatives of the variety 'Openwork' have a semi-raised rosette of leaves with a height of 18-26 cm, a diameter of 20-30 cm, the number of leaves is 12-18.
The lower leaf has a long petiole. The developed leaves are large, twice pinnate with rounded lobes, light green. The edge is finely toothed. The fabric of the plate is delicate. The surface is slightly wavy.
The basal leaves and young shoots have a pleasant sharp mustard taste.
Watercress 'Openwork' refers to the medium-early varieties. From full shoots to the onset of technical ripeness (the beginning of stemming) 32-45 days. The commercial yield is high and is 1.5-2.0 kg / m2.
It is recommended for fresh consumption at the beginning of shooting of basal leaves and young shoots.
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