WHITE Blossom 50 grams fresh seeds, sweet clover, Melilotus Officinalis Alba Albus Sweetclover Honey Clover Flower Seedslbus Sweetclover

Oreshka seeds
White clover (Latin Melilotus albus)

One- and two-year-old herbaceous honey plant, 2 m high. The plant is not demanding of the soil, drought-resistant, does not like damp and acidified soil.

The flowers are white. Blooms from May to August. The duration of flowering is 45-60 days.

Nectar is secreted both in wet and dry weather, which allows bees to work throughout the day. During the day, during hot hours, the plant secretes more nectar and a lot of coumarin, so bees work most actively during these hours.

The honey productivity of the white clover is 120-270 kg / ha, and in the south of Russia and in the central chernozem zone 300 – 470 kg / ha.

Sweet clover honey is considered first-class. It has high medicinal and nutritional properties, as well as a wonderful aroma. Honey is white in color, has a vanilla flavor.
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