Lactuca sativa Robin 100+ PCS fresh seeds, Red robin salad, Lettuce seeds, Lactuca sativa, Vegetable seed, Organic seeds, Non GMO

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Lactuca sativa Robin, Red robin salad, Lettuce seeds, Lactuca sativa, Vegetable seed

The variety belongs to the leafy variety. It is recommended for growing on garden plots, in homesteads and farms. It is valued for the ability of the rosette to regrow when collecting individual leaves. Resistant to coloriness. In representatives of the variety 'Robin', the rosette of leaves is high, semi-erect, medium, with a diameter of 26-30 cm. The leaf is oblong-elliptical, dark reddish, with a solid strong anthocyanin color. The glossiness of the upper side is medium. The leaf blade is lobed, convex, moderately wavy, with medium blistering. Veining is non-veined. The weight of one plant is 90 g. Salad 'Robin' refers to the varieties of late maturation (late maturing). The period from full shoots to technical ripeness is 50 days. The yield is 2.0 kg / m2.
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