Monkshood 30+ fresh seeds (Aconitum napellus). Medicinal heirloom herb seeds

Wolfsbane belongs to the Buttercup family. This is a perennial that has toxic substances in its composition. This culture has many names: wrestler, wolf root, monkshood, wolfsbane, king grass, etc. Its stems are straight, and the flowers have a rich blue or purple color.
The wrestler grows in the wild, came to Russia from North America. It is also quite common in Asian and European countries. Ideal conditions for the development and growth of the wrestler are considered moist soils rich in humus. Since Aconite Borets is a herbaceous and perennial plant, it can grow in one place for a long time. After a few years, the herb will lose its poisonous properties. This feature is very good for gardeners who want to apply wrestler in landscape design.

One of the varieties of culture – Aconite new York, is under threat of extinction. In appearance, wolf root is more like a plant from the Legume family. Therefore, it is often confused with the famous herb called lupine.

Volkovoy contains in its chemical composition alkaloids, most of which aconitine.

reproduction and cultivation of wolf Root
To date, more than 330 species of this plant are known. The most common is wolfsbane klobucky. Its second name is blue monkshood. Common in European countries, it is especially common on the Northern slopes of the Alps. On the territory of Russia, there are about 80 species of wolfsbane. For example, in the Novosibirsk region there is Jungarian Aconite and Oakwood wrestler, and in the Altai – paniculate, mottled and cammarum.

When breeding wolf root in a garden or household plot, you should know some features. Aconite prefers well-moistened places, but without stagnation of moisture, as this can destroy its root system. You can plant it next to ornamental plants, it will not do any harm. But when choosing a place for a wrestler, you need to take into account the distance to the vegetable and fruit crops that are used for food.
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