Annual Lupin Degas (Lupinus) 15 PCS fresh seeds

Oreshka seeds
Annual Lupin Degas (lat. Lupinus)

The variety "Degas" is precocious for white lupine. The average length of the growing season is 120 days. It has a high productivity potential.
The plant is of medium height-tall, erect, determinant. Anthocyanin color of the stem in the budding phase is absent or very weak. The leaf is green. The apical leaflet is long, wide. The time of the beginning of flowering is early, the time of green and full ripeness is average. The flower is blue, the tip of the boat is blue-black. Bob is long. The grain is white, without ornamentation. The mass of 1000 grains is very high. The average grain yield is 41.3 c / ha, the green mass is 763 c / ha, higher than the Gamma standard by 7.5 and 112 c / ha, respectively. Universal directions of use: for grain, green feed and silage. It is resistant to cracking of beans and shedding of grain on the root. Precocious. The growing season is 120 days. The protein content in grain is 37-38%, in dry matter 18-19%. The fat content in the grain is 8-9%. The content of alkaloids in the grain is 0.05%, the green mass is 0.035%.
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