Aniseed lofant 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Lophanthus anisatus

Oreshka seeds
Aniseed lofant (Lophanthus anisatus)
Syn.: fennel mulberry, fennel mulberry, fennel lofant, aniseed hyssop, aniseed vlekiya, giant fennel hyssop, dill mulberry, dill hyssop, Mexican mint, northern ginseng.
Aniseed lofant is better known worldwide as fennel mulberry. This is a perennial herbaceous plant, reaching a height of one and a half meters. Purple or dark pink lofant flowers, collected on the tops in dense spike-shaped inflorescences, emit a strong pleasant aroma.
Plants of the species lofant anisii grow to a height of 45 centimeters to 1.5 meters. The root of the lofant is tapeworm, well developed, mochkovatyy. Erect stems of the plant are ribbed, branched. On the branches are long (up to 10 centimeters) purple-brown, dinnochereshkovye opposite leaves, heart-shaped-lanceolate with a saw-like edge and a bright tan. Small two-sided zygomorphic flowers of the lofant at the ends of the branches are collected in dense spike-shaped inflorescences up to 14 cm in length and up to 3 centimeters in diameter. The corollas of the flowers can be purple, dark pink, pink-blue and white. The fruits of the plant are brown, oblong-oval smooth nuts, full of small, dark seeds of lofanthus anisii.
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