Lavandula angustifolia 50 PCS fresh seeds, lavender, true lavender, English lavender, Herb seeds

Oreshka seeds
Narrow-leaved lavender, or real Lavender, or spiky Lavender, or spikelet lavender, or spikelet lavender (Latin Lavandula angustifolia).

Herbaceous plant, a species of the genus Lavender (Lavandula) of the family of Clear-cut flowers (Lamiaceae). An evergreen, grayish semi-shrub with a height of 30-60 (100) cm, with a strong smell.

The root is missing. The rhizome is woody, branched in the upper part.

The lower woody branches are strongly branched, rising, bearing numerous young shoots; flowering shoots are tetrahedral with a long upper internode.

The leaves are opposite, sessile, oblong-linear, with wrapped edges, 2-6 cm long, green or gray-green from pubescence.

The flowers are collected in false whorls forming spike-shaped inflorescences. The corolla is double-edged, about 1 cm long, usually bluish-purple, pubescent.

The fruit consists of four nuts enclosed in the remaining cup.
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