Ordinary cuff seeds 500+ PCS fresh seeds, Alchemilla vulgaris

Oreshka seeds
Ordinary cuff seeds (lat. Alchemilla vulgaris)

Folk names: breast grass, ailing, breast, bear's paw, borka, forest buharka, forest horseradish, rue, heart turtledove, barannik, bogova teardrop, aksyutina grass, garnik, turtledove, kopitnik, zapolnik, star grass, kalchuzhnik, goose foot, small frog, lapyshka, mashko, midges, intertidal, triperestnitsa, popolzukha, love spell, love spell, native, rosichka, rosnik ordinary, rosnitsa, rosyanka, hare cabbage, shaposhnik, pig's tongues, lopai, lopakh, Lviv's paw and lion's paw.
A perennial herbaceous creeping plant. The stem is branched with a height of 30-40 cm, rising or erect.
The lower leaves are kidney-shaped, almost to the middle dissected into 7-9 lobes. Stem leaves are short-stemmed or sessile. Radial venation. The leaf edge is wavy. The leaves are palmately lobed or palmately dissected, rounded, pubescent, with 9-11 concave lobes. The flowers are yellow-green, small, collected in large numbers in false umbrellas. It blooms from June to September.
It grows in forests, meadows, forest edges, along the edges of roads, on arable land, in sparse pine and mixed forests.
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