Medicinal verbena, Verbena officinalis 1000+ PCS fresh seeds

Verbena officinalis L.

Syn.: zheleznitsa, zheleznyak, chervonnye zyrki, sukha nekhvorosh, witchcraft plant, holy grass, Juno's tear, etc.
A perennial herbaceous plant. It has valuable medicinal properties: antimicrobial, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, etc.
A perennial herbaceous plant with a height of 25-100 cm. The whole plant is rough-bristled. The stem is erect or ascending, tetrahedral, branched at the top. Leaves opposite, without stipules with broad petioles, ovate-oblong or oblong, deeply thrice-separated, upper-pinnately-incised, also pubescent with simple and glandular hairs. The flowers are small, more or less zygomorphic, srostnolepestnye, double-edged, collected in long spike-shaped inflorescences on the top of the stem and in its branches. The perianth is double. The corolla is pale purple, the calyx sometimes retains an almost actinomorphic structure. The stamens are usually 4. The guineum is formed by 2 carpels. Fruit-when ripe, it splits into 4 dry nut-shaped lobes. Blooms in June-July, bears fruit in August-September.
The homeland of the verbena officinalis is Europe, as an imported plant is found in the temperate and tropical regions of Asia and Africa, Australia, North and Central America.
In Russia, it is found in the European part, in the Caucasus, and in the Urals. It grows everywhere: in meadows, forest edges, along the banks of streams, rivers and seas, along gorges, gullies, on roads, on old ruins, on the outskirts of fields, in clogged places, near fences, on vacant lots, among crops, but not in mass quantities. In the Caucasus, it grows as a ruderal (weed) plant in gardens, in the fields of cereals and vegetable gardens. Quite unpretentious plant, often rises to 1200 meters above sea level.
The medicinal raw material is the entire aboveground part, as well as the root. The collection of medicinal verbena is carried out during flowering, when the plant contains the maximum amount of essential oil. Dry the grass in the air, or in dryers at a temperature of 50-60 C. Store raw materials preferably in a dry place.
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