Fennel vegetable Leader 100+ PCS fresh seeds, Foeniculum vulgare Mill

Oreshka seeds
Fennel vegetable Leader (Foeniculum vulgare Mill)
A biennial or perennial plant of the Umbellaceae family with a height of 170-180 cm. The stem is erect, well-leaved. The leaf is dark green, strongly dissected into filamentous lobes. The yellow flowers are collected in an umbrella-shaped inflorescence. Blooms in July-August. The fruits ripen in September. Young fennel leaves are used as a flavorful seasoning for dishes. For medicinal purposes, fruits are used. Infusions and decoctions are used to improve appetite, digestion, eliminate spasms, increase the secretion of the stomach and intestines, increase lactation in nursing mothers, as well as as an expectorant and sedative. It is grown by direct sowing in the open ground. Seeds are soaked before sowing and sown to a depth of 2-3 cm in late April-early May. After the emergence of seedlings, thin out, leaving 7-10 cm between the plants. On the greens, the leaves are removed before flowering. Seeds for medicinal purposes - in the stage of browning.
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