Norichnik 100 PCS fresh seeds, Herb seeds

Oreshka seeds
Norichnik (Scrophularia).

Perennial herbs. Their leaves are whole or dissected, whole-edged or toothed, the lower opposite, the upper alternate.

The flowers are nondescript, mostly greenish, yellow or purple, in long forked, paniculate or racemose inflorescences. The calyx is five-lobed or five-divided. The corolla is usually double-lobed, spherical or pitcher-shaped, with an almost double-lobed five-lobed bend and with a lower unpaired blade, turned downwards; four double-strong stamens and a glandular staminodium (in the form of scales).

The fruit is an ovoid or almost spherical multi-seeded capsule, opening with two leaves; the seeds are oval, with transverse wrinkles.
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