Dianthus deltoides pink 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Maiden pinks pink, Flower seeds, Clove flower, Dianthus seeds, herb, Perennial flower

Oreshka seeds
Maiden pink (lat. Dianthus deltoides)

A type of perennial herbaceous plants. Height 20-40 cm. The plant has a short branched rhizome. There are two types of stems: non-flowering stems are densely leafy, shorter; flowering stems are much longer and fork-branched in the upper part.
The leaves of the basal rosette are linear-oblong, wintering. The stem leaves are not fused at the base, 1-3 mm wide, with three veins, small-bordered along the edge.
The flowers are collected in oblong forked inflorescences, individual flowers are on long pedicels 1-3 cm long. The bract scales are broadly filmy, reaching to the middle of the calyx. The calyx is purple, the petals of the corolla are carmine-red. Blooms from late June to mid-October.
The fruit is dry, in the form of a box, opening with teeth, single-nesting, with a central seed carrier; there are many seeds.
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