Astragalus licorice 15 PCS fresh seeds, Herb seeds

Oreshka seeds
Licorice-leaved astragalus (Astragalus glycyphyllos).

A perennial herbaceous plant with a height of 45-90 cm . The stem is raised or prostrate, 50-100 cm long, thick, recumbent, simple, branched in the lower part, granulated-furrowed, sparsely and finely white-fluffy.

Stipules are free, yellow-green or green, pointed, transparent, 10-20 mm long, sparsely white, lower ovate, upper lanceolate. The leaves are 10-20 cm long, without a distinct petiole, unpaired; leaflets (4) 5-6 (7)-paired, elliptical, rarely oblong-ovate, 18-40 (60) mm long, glabrous from above, absent-pressed and short white-hairy from below, rounded-blunt at the tip.

Peduncles 4-9 cm long, sparsely and finely white-fluffy. The brushes are ovate or oblong-ovate, more or less multi-flowered, 3-5 cm long; the bracts are awl—lanceolate, 1.5-3 mm long, white-membranous, sparsely white-ciliated along the edge. The calyx is 5-6 mm long; the teeth are awl—shaped, unequal: three are 2 mm long and two are 1 (1.5) mm. The corolla is greenish-yellow; the sail is 11-15 mm long with a marigold 4 mm long; the wings are 10-13 mm long with a rounded plate at the tip equal to or almost equal to the marigold; the boat is 9-11 mm long with a strongly humped plate equal to the marigold or slightly shorter. The ovary is glabrous or finely hairy; the column is shorter than the ovary, naked.

Beans sticking up, close together, slightly crescent-curved, 3-4 cm long, about 4 mm wide, about 5 mm thick, with rare tiny white hairs, with a spout 3-4 mm long, on a leg 3-4 mm long.

Blooms in May — June, fruits ripen in June — July.
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