Onion schnitt Bohemia (fine feather) 50 PCS fresh seeds, Allium Schoenoprasum Bogemiya

Oreshka seeds
Onion schnitt Bohemia (fine feather) (Allium Schoenoprasum 'Bogemiya')
Early leaf regrowth in spring
A perennial plant for getting greenery all year round. Recommended for 3-5 years of use. The period from mass regrowth to the first cut in the spring is 2-3 weeks. The leaf is tubular, hollow, awl-shaped, 40-50 cm long, dark green, with a weak waxy coating. The taste is pungent. The plant branches strongly. The mass of leaves in the first year is 20-30 g per plant, in the second year - up to 200 g. It is recommended for fresh use.
Propagated by seeds and division of the bush.
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