Anemone sylvestris 20 PCS fresh seeds, snowdrop anemone, snowdrop windflower, Herb seeds

Oreshka seeds
Anemone of the forest, Anemone of the forest (Lat. Anemone sylvestris).

A perennial herbaceous plant; a species of the genus Anemone (Anemone) of the Buttercup family (Ranunculaceae). The stem is 5-15 cm tall, almost whitish at the top.

Flowering stem with a whorl of three petiolate leaves, pubescent on both sides, dissected into three segments. The rhizome is vertical.

The basal leaves are two to six in number, long—stemmed, with three to five rhombic three—part segments. Peduncles are single, long.

The flowers are 3-7 cm in diameter. The leaves of the perianth are pure white, among five, pubescent on the outside.

The fruits are numerous, with dense pubescence. Blooms in late spring — early summer.
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