Oregano Elegant, Oregano ordinary 150 PCS fresh seeds, Origanum vulgare

Oreshka seeds
Oregano Elegant, Oregano ordinary, or Oregano (lat. Origanum vulgare)

A species of perennial herbaceous plants from the genus Oregano of the family of Clear-cut flowers (Lamiaceae).
Other Russian names are mother, ladanka, matserdushka, dushnitsa, zenovka, matryoshka.
The height of the plants reaches 50-70 cm. The rhizome is branched, often creeping. The stem is tetrahedral, erect, softly pubescent, branched in the upper part.
The leaves are opposite petiolate, oblong-ovate, whole-edged, pointed at the top, dark above, grayish-green below, 1-4 cm long.
The flowers are small, numerous, collected in corymbose-paniculate inflorescences. The corolla consists of five double petals, which, fusing together, form a corolla tube and a double bend. The seeds ripen in August.
Biological features. Plants are undemanding to the soil, but they grow poorly on heavy clay and acidic soils. Prefers open areas. It winters well and begins growing in late February-early March.
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