Kupalnitsa European 50+ PCS fresh seeds, Trollius europaeus

Oreshka seeds
Kupalnitsa European (lat. Trollius europaeus)

An herbaceous plant that grows in Europe and the western part of Western Siberia, mainly on the edges of mixed forests, damp forest clearings and meadows.
An herbaceous perennial plant. Depending on the habitat conditions, its height varies from 20 cm (in the tundra) to 1 m (when cultivated in favorable conditions).
The leaves of this plant are of two types: stem and basal. The stem leaves are located in the upper third of the flowering shoot. The basal ones are collected in a rosette at the base of the stem and have a finger-like shape.
The flowers are large spherical, slightly fragrant, up to 5 cm in diameter, with 10-20 sepals. Their color varies from pale yellow to golden yellow. The length of the petals is shorter than the length of the stamens. Flowering in the central regions of Russia occurs in late May-early June.
The fruit is a leaflet with a small, straight nose.
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