Gentian cross-shaped 50+ PCS fresh seeds, Gentiana cruciata

Gentian cross-shaped (Gentiana cruciata)
A perennial herbaceous plant, 20-50 cm tall, with a thick, shortened, brownish rhizome. The stems are solitary, densely leaved. Stem leaves are elongated, opposite sessile. The flowers are located at the top of the stems, in the axils of the upper leaves. The corolla is blue inside, gray-green outside. Blooms in June-August. In all its glory, the gentian appears in autumn, when the foliage is covered with fiery purple shades.
Quite a hardy plant and in nature can take root in any area. But for growing in the garden, a sunny area or a small shade from trees or shrubs is most suitable. It is better to choose a nutritious soil with good drainage. Winter hardiness zone 4.
They are used for decoration of flower beds, mono flower beds.
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