Gravilat urban or clove root 50+ PCS fresh seeds, Geum urbanum

Oreshka seeds
Gravilat urban or clove root (lat. Geum urbanum)

A perennial herbaceous plant with a height of 30-60 cm with a thick, oblique, most often unbranched rhizome, from which a basal leaf rosette develops. The stem is erect, faceted, softly pubescent, slightly branched, covered with soft white hairs in the upper part.
The basal leaves are long-stemmed, intermittently pinnate, with a larger terminal lobe, consist of three to nine roundly ovate, and unevenly toothed leaflets. The stem leaves are few, short-stemmed trifoliate, the upper three-lobed; the leaf blade is covered on both sides with a few hairs and glands on the legs.
The flowers are 1-1. 5 cm in diameter, wide-open, single, at the ends of the stems and branches. The pedicels are covered with short, sparse and longer soft, white hairs. The calyx is attached to the flower, it consists of five large internal and five small external sepals (podchashia). The sepals are shorter than the petals, horizontally spaced, bent downwards after flowering; there are five petals, they are yellow, protruding or deflected, wedge-shaped at the base. The stamens are numerous. The flower is younger on the stem, not exceeding half of the calyx, dry, cylindrical, rigidly hairy.
The fruit is a dry polyhedron; fruits with a long hook-shaped nose bent at the end, sessile, shaggy. Animals and humans distribute seeds.
It blooms from May to September (in the European part of Russia — until July). The fruits ripen in August — September.
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