Rhinanthus alectorolophus 20+ PCS fresh seeds, European yellow rattle, Rhinanthus major, Hayrattle, Cockscomb, Flower seeds, Flower herb

Oreshka seeds
European yellow rattle, Rhinanthus major, Hayrattle, Cockscomb (lat. Rhinanthus alectorolophus)

An annual herbaceous plant, the height of which will fluctuate between thirty and fifty centimeters. It is noteworthy that this plant is a semi-parasite.
The stem of a large rattle will be painted in green tones or may be endowed with longitudinal purple dashes, and may also be branched or simple. The lower leaves of this plant are oblong-ovate, while the upper leaves will be narrower and lanceolate.
The inflorescence most often begins by 5-6 nodes. The length of the corolla of the large rattle is about two centimeters, while the tube will be compressed and curved, and the spout of the upper lip is horizontal, its length is two millimeters. Such a spout can be painted in both purple and white tones. The lower lip is pressed against the upper lip, and the mouth of the corolla itself will be closed. The width of the seed and wing of a large rattle is one millimeter.
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