Jerusalem Artichoke 20 PCS fresh seeds, Herb seeds

Oreshka seeds
Jerusalem artichoke.

The root system is powerful, deep. On underground shoots (stolons), it forms edible tubers (white, yellow, purple, red) that taste similar to cabbage stalk or turnip. Tubers in central Russia overwinter well in the soil.

The stem is straight, strong, erect, 40 cm to 4 m high, branching at the top, pubescent with short hairs.

The leaves are saw-toothed petiolate, pubescent: the lower ones are ovate or heart—shaped-ovate, opposite; the upper ones are elongated-ovate or lanceolate, alternate.

The flowers are collected in baskets with a diameter of 2-10 cm . The median tubular flowers are yellow, bisexual; marginal infertile false-lingual flowers are golden yellow, there are from ten to fifteen of them. Flowering in the European part of Russia in August — October.

The fruit is an achene, in the European part of Russia it ripens in September — October.
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