Vegetable fennel Soprano 100+ PCS fresh seeds, Foeniculum

Oreshka seeds
Vegetable fennel Soprano (lat. Foeniculum)

Vegetable, spice, medicine. Strong spicy aroma. In appearance, fennel resembles dill, has a sweet taste and the smell of anise.
The period from full shoots to harvesting (the formation of a" head") is 115 days. The plant is erect, branchy, reaches 1.5-1.8 m in the flowering phase. The rosette of the leaves is semi-raised. The leaf is medium-sized, three or four times pinnately dissected, green. "Cabbage" is white, oval, medium density, weighing 90-110 g.
The whole plant has a sweet taste and smell of anise. The leaves and young shoots are used in cooking as a spicy-flavored additive to soups, meat dishes and vegetables. "Kochanchiki" are boiled or eaten raw as a salad.
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