Meadowsweet - 100 fresh seeds - Filipendula Ulmaria - mead wort - queen of the meadow - lady of the meadow - bridewort

Oreshka seeds
Meadowsweet or Meadowsweet or Meadowsweet (lat. Filipendula ulmaria)

Perennial 10-60 cm or more in height, herbaceous plant with a powerful, thick rhizome. The stem is erect, leafy. The leaves are large (up to 30 cm in length), with stipules and short petioles. The leaves are corrugated along the veins.

Flowers with concave hypanthium, small (5-8 mm in diameter), white, 5-membered, collected in very large numbers in a widely spreading paniculate-corymbose apical inflorescence. Blooms in July-August.

The fruit is a multi-nutlet, the nuts are bare, sickle-shaped, spirally twisted.
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