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A perennial herb with a short rhizome that turns into a tap root. From the rhizome departs several erect, weakly ribbed, branching stems at the top, reaching a height of 50-125 cm. The stems and leaves are silvery-grey on both sides, as they bear pressed hairs. The flowers are yellow, small, collected in spherical baskets that form a paniculate inflorescence. The plant has a strong peculiar smell and a very bitter taste.

Grows near homes, roads, on borders, vacant lots, coastal slopes, in young gardens, less often-in pine forests.

For medicinal purposes, use grass and wormwood leaves, which are prepared in the form of an infusion, tincture, extract. These drugs are used as a means of stimulating appetite and improving digestion in gastritis, liver and gall bladder diseases, and anemia. They are also prescribed to patients after heavy operations, long-term debilitating diseases as an appetitive. Having a pleasant smell, infusions are used to rinse the mouth when there is a bad smell.
Wormwood is described in the Pharmacopoeia of most countries of the world.
Wormwood herb is also widely used in veterinary medicine as an appetite-stimulating and digestive aid.

Perennial: Perennial

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