Ascension nutmeg sage 30 PCS fresh seeds, Salvia sclarea

Oreshka seeds
Ascension nutmeg sage (Salvia sclarea)

The semi-shrub reaches 1 m in height. The flowering period is from June to September, but the flowers do not appear constantly, but in one of the periods, 1 month long. For medicinal purposes, only leaves and inflorescences are used. They contain the largest amount of useful substances, even in these parts of the plant, essential oil is concentrated.
The plant can withstand low temperatures-up to -30°C. However, the most preferred temperature regime is in the range of +20°C. In such conditions, the grass develops better. It is not recommended to transplant sage during active growth. To improve the properties of the plant, it is necessary to plant only in sunny areas. The grass that is grown in the shade is characterized by a weaker aroma. The plant tolerates drought well, but develops more actively with high-quality watering. Sage can grow in different soils, but the best properties are grass grown on chernozems. At the same time, there are more inflorescences. If sage grows in dry soils, it is noted that in this case its aroma becomes more saturated.
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