Yastrebinka Baugina 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Hieracium bauhinii

Oreshka seeds
Yastrebinka Baugina (lat. Hieracium bauhinii)

Bauhin's hawk (Latin Hieracium bauhinii)
A perennial plant with a height of 25-80 cm with long aboveground shoots.
The stem is erect, dense, bristly, with rare glands at the top. The basal leaves form a rosette, they are lanceolate or linear, blunt, whole-edged, bristly, sometimes woolly from below; elongated shoots grow from a leaf rosette.
The stem leaves are sparse, smaller in size, they decrease sharply towards the top. The inflorescence is lush, apical of 3-15 twigs with numerous baskets. The pedicels of the baskets are gray-or white-felt.
The baskets are small, the wrapper is cylindrical, the leaves of the wrapper are linear or lanceolate, hairy. The flowers are ligulate, yellow, the column is also yellow. It blooms from May to July.
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