Polygonum aviculare 100 PCS fresh seeds, common knotgrass, prostrate knotweed, birdweed, pigweed, lowgrass, Herb seeds

Oreshka seeds
Bird knotweed, Bird highlander (Latin Polygonum aviculare).

An annual plant. The stem is up to 60 cm long, strongly branched, erect, recumbent from the base, rarely ascending or prostrate. The nodes are strongly pronounced. After flowering, the stems become hard.

The root is thicker than the branches, taproot, sparsely branched.

The leaves are small, alternate, elliptical or linear-lanceolate 1.5—5 cm long and 0.4—1.5 cm wide with short petioles, whole-edged, always without point glands, grayish-green. At the nodes , small whitish filmy double - lobed sockets with a length of 7-13 mm are noticeable .

The flowers are small, with pale green, pink or white lobes on the edges. Blooms from April until almost the end of autumn, most intensively in July — August.

The fruit is an almost black or brown triangular matte nut, almost equal in length to the perianth. The fruits ripen in July — September.
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