Drema is white, smolevka is white 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Silene latifolia

Oreshka seeds
Drema is white, smolevka is white (lat. Silene latifolia)

An herbaceous dioecious plant of the genus Smolevka of the Clove family, growing in most countries of Europe, Western Asia and North Africa. A one - or two-year (sometimes-perennial) plant with a height of 40-80 cm.
The appearance of the plant depends on the age: at first, oval (up to lanceolate) leaves with a length of 4-10 cm are formed in the basal rosette, then forked, densely pubescent stems with opposite paired leaves grow.
The flowers are collected in inflorescences on the tops of the stems, 2.5—3 cm in diameter, with characteristic five-petaled elongated cups of white color; flowering lasts from late spring to early autumn. If the plant has pink flowers, these are usually hybrids with red resin.
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