Agrimony 20 fresh seeds. Agrimonia eupatoria seeds

Oreshka seeds
Common agrimony or Agrimony (lat. Agrimonia eupatoria)

A perennial herbaceous plant with a pubescent stem, dark green, pinnate leaves and yellow spike-shaped inflorescences, reaching a height of 30 to 100 cm. The hairs are rough and cover the entire plant.

The leaves are pinnate, dark green and velvety above, light green below, arranged alternately, the lower leaf plates are collected in a basal rosette.

The flowers of the common agrimony are five-petaled, yellow in color, regular, collected in long spike-shaped racemes (up to 40 cm in length).

Blooms from June to August.

In September, small fruits are formed - tenacious achenes, capable of clinging with their bristles to the fur of animals and human clothing and being carried over considerable distances.
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