BLACK SALSIFY 30++ fresh seeds- Scorzonera Hispanica seeds

Scorcher, coslet — is a biennial vegetable plant of the family Asteraceae that can be grown as an annual. In the first year of life, it forms a rod-shaped, cylindrical, fleshy root (60-80 g), covered with a black or dark brown skin. Frost - resistant plant, prefers deeply processed, loose, organic-rich light or medium loamy soils. It is grown by sowing in open ground to a depth of 2-3 cm: in early spring (in April) for harvesting in autumn; in summer (at the end of July) or under winter (in October) for harvesting in spring and for obtaining seeds. Due to the content of inulin, vitamins and minerals, the roots have valuable medicinal and nutritional properties. They have a pleasant sweet taste. They are used for food in boiled, fried, stewed and baked form, as well as fresh in salads. The use of scorzoner helps to normalize metabolism, reduce blood sugar in diabetes; strengthen the immune system, and quickly restore strength after an illness or surgery.
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