Meadow foxtail 100+ PCS fresh seeds, Alopecurus pratensis

Oreshka seeds
Meadow foxtail (lat. Alopecurus pratensis)

Perennial herbaceous friable plants, 50-120 cm tall. The rhizome is short. The leaves are linear, flat, green, sharply rough, 4-10 mm wide. The common inflorescence is a cylindrical panicle, 3-10 cm long and 6-9 mm wide. The spikelets are elliptical, single-flowered, 4.5-5.5 mm long, collected 3-4 on pressed twigs. The spikelet scales are pubescent. Lower flower scales with an awn. There are three stamens; anthers are yellow, 2.5-3.2 mm long.
Flowering in June, fruiting in July.
It grows in dry and floodplain meadows, along the banks of reservoirs, on the edges and clearings, among shrubs. Prefers looser, richer, moderately moist soils. It tolerates long-term flooding, up to 30-45 days, but does not tolerate stagnant water, salinization of the soil, drought. Shade-tolerant, frost-resistant. It often forms clean thickets, especially in floodplain meadows.
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