50+ Lovage fresh Seeds ~ Levisticum officinale ~ lyubistok Amursky, Heirloom Lovage

Pryanovkusovoe perennial plant of the celery family. Taste and aroma like celery, but more pronounced. The period from regrowth to cutting of greenery is 22-25 days. The rosette of leaves is semi-raised, 50-60 cm high. The leaf is long-stemmed, large, grayish-green, smooth, pinnately dissected, with an average waxy coating. The aroma is strong. The yield of greens is 2.5-3.0 kg/sq.m. it is recommended for using the leaves in fresh, dried and frozen form as a spicy seasoning in home cooking, pickles and marinades. It is useful for health and is perfectly suitable for dietary nutrition.

Agrotechnics. Sowing on seedlings or directly in the ground. Seeds are soaked for a day (changing the water every 4 hours), then slightly dried and sown in pots to a depth of 1-1. 5 cm. The optimal temperature for the emergence of seedlings is 20,..25°C. 40-50-day seedlings are planted in a permanent place in may. Care: loosening of row spacing, weeding, watering, spring fertilizing with mineral fertilizers. Shoots are cut at a height of 5-7 cm from the ground. During the season, at least 2 cuts are made. The plant is light-loving, very cold-resistant and frost-resistant. It takes 5-10 years to grow in one place.
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